Quality in all Organizational Processes

  • INTEGRATED POLICY - Seeking to continually improve the performance of its Integrated Management System, HT Micron is committed to meeting the expectations and requirements of its customers, shareholders and other applicable stakeholders, developing its employees and maintaining a commitment to environmental protection by preventing pollution and non-use of harmful substances. Through the qualification of its suppliers and the skills of its employees, the company aims at the excellence of its processes, the quality of its products and operating profitably.
  • MANAGEMENT - Through a robust Management System, HT Micron strives to ensure that the requirements set by its customers are satisfactorily met. Based on its strategic planning, it uses management methods and tools aligned with current international models and periodically documented and audited standards to ensure process quality and continuous improvement in results.
  • QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (QMS) -  The QMS is ISO 9001 certified to offer the market products and services at levels compatible with customer and market demands.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (EMS) - Aware of the importance of environmental preservation, HT Micron has an ISO 14001 certified environmental management system.
  • QMS / EMS SCOPE - Company located in the municipality of São Leopoldo RS and the integrated management system is applicable in the production of semiconductor encapsulation and testing for the electro-electronic market.
  • REVERSE LOGISTICS - In line with its environmental awareness, HT Micron has established a Reverse Logistics System, which consists of customers returning discarded and damaged products that can no longer be used to be properly disposed of in a safe place with lowest risk of environmental aggression possible.

Reverse logistics: To enable adequate product return as well as answer questions, please contact:

E-mail: sg@htmicron.com.br

Phone: (51) 3081-8650 – Extension: 8662

IMPORTANT: If the customer chooses not to return the product scrapped or damaged, their decision will be formalized and sent to sg@htmicron.com.brIn this case, additional information may be requested (eg: reports / certificates of destination).

Strategic Statements and Certificates

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