Provide high value-added semiconductor solutions with global leading technology and excellent quality.


To be the leading Brazilian semiconductor company playing in the worldwide market and a key partner for future technologies.


Create and integrate advanced semiconductor solutions.


  • Customer focus with excellence: Be a partner customer can trust.
  • Collaboration: Leverage collective work.
  • Ownership culture: Pursue high performance, embrace challenges and responsibility.
  • Diversity: We value the skills and competencies of all people, with multicultural acceptance and without any kind of prejudice.
  • Innovation every day: Doing better every day.

Strategic Board

Responsible for HT Micron's strategic agenda and positioning.

Chris Ryu

Chris Ryu


Having 25 years of research and development experience and more than 30 patents in the South Korean semiconductor industry, Chris has developed several packaging technologies such as FBGA, MicroBGA, Multichip FBGA, QFN and Flipchip. All in accordance with ISO standards.
"I feel responsible for developing the Brazilian semiconductor industry. I will do my best to convey my experience and technology knowledge to HT Micron in Brazil.”

Alesandra Plentz Venturella

Alesandra Plentz Venturella


With extensive executive experience in financial, she joined HT Micron in 2010 as Sr Finance Manager and currently is the CFO of the company responsible for all BackOffice operations.
With experience in technology and manufacturing companies, Alesandra has MBA in Finance and Controlling from UFRGS and degree in Accounting, having participated in the Deloitte CFO Program.

Edelweis Ritt

Edelweis Ritt


Executive with strong business experience in the electronics industry, she started her career at Agilent Germany, working on chip design. She went through companies such as CEITEC, Semikron Brasil, Atacama Ventures and Unitec Semiconductors.
Invited in 2018 to join HT Micron as responsible for institutional relations and strategic alliances, Edelweis holds a Computer Science degree from PUC-RS, a Master's degree from UFRGS and a PhD from University of Tübingen in Germany.


Founded in 2009, HT Micron is a Brazilian company dedicated to providing advanced semiconductor solutions. As a result of the technological cooperation between Brazil and South Korea, its headquarters is located at the Tecnosinos complex, in the city of São Leopoldo, about 35km from Porto Alegre, capital of Rio Grande do Sul.

HT Micron started its operations on a previous infrastructure, called Basecamp, in July 2011. It was a clean room that enabled the start of local semiconductor production in Brazil. Its permanent headquarters, with approximately 10,000 m² of constructed area, was inaugurated on June 7th 2014, and with this new headquarters, HT Micron expanded its production capacity of semiconductor components using the most advanced technologies. 

With one of its main objectives being to stimulate knowledge generation and add value to Brazilian electronic industry value chain and believing that university environment is highly stimulating and has great potential in the technology innovation process, HT Micron, along with universities, invests and encourages research, development and innovation, having as one of its projects the Institute of Semiconductor Technology development at Unisinos.

2009 - Joint Venture

Signature of the Joint Venture that marks the creation of HT Micron.

2010 - Established Partnerships

Formed the partnership between the city of São Leopoldo, ACIS / SL, and UNISINOS with HT Micron.

2011 - Basecamp

Basecamp located inside the UNISINOS campus, HT Micron's first clean room was inaugurated. It was then transferred for UNISINOS, allowing the creation of ITT Chip and making possible for UNISINOS to develop a professional master on Semiconductors.

2012 - First Sale

After an expansion to 1,000 m2 and the development of 2Gbit DDR3 DRAM, the first sales of HT Micron were made.

2013 - New Factory

With a new building of 10,000 m² was built to increase its production and HT Micron expands its portfolio of products with 4Gbit DRAM DDR3 memories.

2014 - Operation Migration

With the inauguration of its new factory, HT Micron moves to its current building which has a clean room of 7,200 m² and enables the development of new products and a great increase in production capacity.

2015 - Ramp Up & Mobile

- At this year HT Micron doubles its productive capacity and introduces more products to its portfolio, among them the first mobile devices components.

2016 - Mobile & DDR4

The first eMCP components were introduced to the product portfolio, where several chips are packaged in the same components, as well as the new generation of 8Gbit DDR4 DRAM products.

2018 - Portfolio Expansion

HT Micron launched in 2018 a new line of high density eMCPs, aimed to serving the mobile market, consolidating itself as one of the leading semiconductor manufacturers in Brazil.

2019 - Internet of Things

In the year that HT Micron completes 10 years of activity in the Brazilian market, the first semiconductor aimed to the Internet of Things market, totally designed and manufactured in Brazil is launched. iMCP offers the integration and convenience of the most advanced multicomponent integrated circuit packaging technologies.

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Phone and email
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